How to Sleep Your Way to Health and Wealth!

February 20, 2014

This winter has been unusual, that is for sure.  The Polar Vortex has hit most parts of the country in some way.  I thought it was just a U.S. thing but then I saw that Japan was also getting unprecedented amounts of snow.

It turns out that honoring the hibernation tendencies that you tend to have this time of year can actually be good for you.  It is now known that sleep deprivation and inadequate sleep not only negatively affect your health, but also your productivity and efficiency.

One of the most fascinating books that I have read in a long time is T.S. Wiley’s, Lights Out, in which she describes the health implications of not getting enough sleep and not eating the foods in season.  It is a real eye opener and I highly recommend you read it.  The winter days, in particular, are shorter because you are supposed to be sleeping longer.  Wiley recommends that you should have 9 ½ hours of sleep for 7 months out of the year with the majority of that in the winter.

Although I am not a big fan of winter, I do have another perspective now and look to this season as a time for renewal, a time for getting more sleep, and for eating foods that would normally be available in the winter.

So this winter, polar vortex and all, I made the following adjustments to my schedule:

  1. I try to be in bed by no later than 10:30pm but shoot for closer to 10:00pm.  I have always felt better when I do this anyway so Wiley just confirms what I know from experience.  You need to be awakening close to sunrise and going to bed as close to sundown as possible which is exactly what people did before electricity.
  2. I try to eat fewer carbohydrates.   When you think of the cavemen, they would have plentiful fruit and carbs in the summer but not in the winter.  When we have carbs all year long (modern farming) and sunlight (artificial lights) all year long, it has negative effects on our health.  In essence, we are having four summer seasons each year instead of only one.  Wiley attributes this to the increase in diabetes, heart disease, and much more.
  3. I also make sure I get more vitamin D.  I now know the importance of eating foods high in vitamin D such as eggs, organ meats, oily fish, shellfish, butter, fat on any meat with the skin on, and, surprisingly, lard.  Yep, turns out those pigs are great at absorbing vitamin D from the sun but we humans aren’t!
  4. I have had more patience this year because of this understanding.  I’m still thinking about getting the heck out of Dodge next winter but at least now, I can appreciate the season more.

So sleep as much as you want this winter.  Your body will thank you!

My Best Always,


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