What Clients Are Saying . . . 

Susan EpsteinInt' Parenting Expert and Coach

After working just 4 weeks with Kim, I had my two best months in my business ever, earning $30,000 and $27,000! I have been in business a long time and have finally broken through a barrier!

Kathy GoughenourBusiness Coach and Trainer

Within 30 days of coaching with Kimberly Adams, she helped me achieve my first $20,000 month. That was more than I had earned ALL of last year! Kim excels at quickly locking in on your challenges and coming up with ideas to overcome the them.

Pamela CournoyerLeadership and Executive Coach 

Kimberly blew the top off my current money mindset and helped me reset it to a much higher frequency. She helped me process through blocks I didn't know I had and literally fly to the other side. Doors are now opening left and right for me. I am truly grateful for Kim's gentle, and clear leadership. She is intuitive, smart and a wealth creator. You will be overjoyed and see instant results working with Kimberly.

Sandy MonizBusiness Consultant 

I wanted to thank you, Kim, for a remarkable experience.  The “Money Master Course”  is a unique experience in healing many areas of our lives. You provided us with templates that we can modify to work with our own unique situations.  It takes 21 days to correct an old habit and your 6 course just seemed to fly by. Thank you for a great experience.

Susan BlaisStrategic Leadershhip Coach and  Consultant 

 Kim is a great coach: she has deep corporate experience and has made the journey to entrepreneur. She can help guide you on the journey to success with insight and wisdom, and she’s also got a great sense of humor. I highly recommend her. 

Trevor YannayonWebsite Developer and Speaker 

Kim is an amazing friend and mentor. She is also a great leader and has helped me and many more achieve more success than they thought possible. Kim knows how to help you find what it really is that you want and she can show you how to get it.