I had this crazy dream…

January 7, 2018

I had this crazy dream a few weeks ago and keep meaning to tell you about it. It quacked me up but was also such a metaphor for my life right now.

In my dream, I'm a Pittsburgh Port Authority Bus Driver! That image is funny enough but I was having so many issues in this dream trying to drive this big honkin vehicle . . .

I was driving but didn't know the route and had no idea where the hell I was going

I kept looking for signs on the road to tell me where to go

I kept running into obstacles (like a brick road that was angled 90 degrees from the road)

Every time I ran into an obstacle though, the passengers or people on the street would help me out

We were all having fun and everyone was so nice

When I awoke, it was the first time that I could clearly label a dream "METAPHOR"

That's because when I came back from my retreat in Ecuador a few months ago, I felt called to clear my calendar for 2018 and so that is what I did with complete trust that I would be guided on what to do next.

At least, I THOUGHT I was in complete trust but my dream may have revealed my subconscious was a tad concerned.

I have been feeling pulled to help women with empowerment (which includes money) but wanted to gather women who are serious and ready to heal every aspect of themselves that is blocking their peace, progress or purpose. We women have incredible opportunities to leverage our divine energy to benefit ourselves and others. The time is now.

So, I am moving forward with a project that is actually three years in the making. It started when I met my good friend and sister of another mother, Kathleen Keenan, in San Diego. Kathleen came up with the name and I instantly loved it. We subsequently pulled in another "sister," Jonna Martin, and the three of us are rolling it out, baby!

And so drum roll please, announcing . . .

----------The Venus Sisterhood----------

Our vision is to create a global organization of women focused on increasing their light, building community and having fun! It will include local chapters, workshops, retreats, a podcast, etc.

I will keep you updated as we move forward. In the mean time, feel free to join us on Facebook.

CLICK HERE to get more info or to join The Venus Sisterhood Facebook Group

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