Kimberly B. Adams

I've been a spiritual seeker and personal growth junkie since I was 12. I've always has this yearning to be all that I could and reach my potential (whatever that was).

Being the good Catholic girl and first born pleaser that I was, I listened to my parents and chose a very practical career. I spent several decades in the international tax field as a CPA and it served me well, especially when my kids came along and I was able to work part-time. But it was always a functional career for me. My real interest and passion was in everything related to the esoteric, spiritual, energy and mystical. 

Having been self-taught when younger, I then went on to obtain many certifications in meditation, energy healing and various coaching modalities. This allowed me to acknowledge my own light, step into my divine power, and remember who I really was. My goal is to hold space for others to do the same with as much joy, creativity, and fun as possible!  

For me, it also about increasing our connections - to each other, to nature and to our Divine Self. We have lost our connections and it is having a devasting effect on our planet and our health.