7 Tips To Lead a Creative and Inspired Life

March 17, 2017

I've been reading Elizabeth Gilbert's new book, Big Magic, and loving it.  She's the author of Eat, Pray, Love, a book and then movie that I absolutely LOVED! Her new book is all about living a creative and inspired life.  

Liz (yes, we're on a nickname basis) is a writer so her passion is a very creative endeavor and one that we would consider in the "arts" like music, painting, acting, etc. but I think there are lots of ways to be creative in your life including in your career and/or business.

For example, I love to speak, teach and network. Can they be creative and inspiring? Absolutely. I also love to paint, dance, sew and decorate which are also creative. I do all of these because I love to do them. Do they all pay the same? Nope. But I still do all of them. 

Here are my tips for creating a creative and inspired life . . . 



Liz committed as a teenager to be a writer. Not a great writer. Not a published author. Just a writer and that is what she did for many years also while holding down a job to support her financially. She did it because she enjoys it and not because she was pursuing reward necessarily. It was not a means to an end.

My son, Brian, is very similar and I've admired his tenacity and commitment to his creative endeavor - music. This is a pic of him with one of his several CD's. Brian has been writing, producing and performing music since he was 14 and he turns 26 tomorrow on March 18. (See what passions you will develop with no cable TV as a teen?) He does it regardless of what else is going on in his life. He is now working full time in NYC in supply chain but is always working on his music. Always. He will always create music regardless of whether it ever generates income for him because he loves it. I encourage him all the time because it's usually these types of creative people who do succeed because they are persistent and aren't doing it to cash out at some point. It doesn't feel like persistence to them. They just CHOOSE to spend their time this way because it brings them immense joy.  



JUST by the fact that you ARE A HUMAN BEAN (what my daughter used to think we were actually saying when she was young) so it's not just a gift bestowed upon a select few. You may not have a burning desire to write, paint, write music or act, but there are lots of ways to incorporate creativity into your life and you can develop it. Do you:

  • Like to cook different meals?
  • Like to make fancy pastries? I prefer baking over cooking any day myself . . . 
  • Like to create videos at your family gatherings or just for fun?
  • Like to entertain your family and friends with awesome theme parties?
  • Like to rehab old or used furniture?
  • Like to travel and write about it?
  • How about photography?

​There are so many options for exercising your creativity muscle and there are always ways to incorporate it into your career or business. 

If you struggle with tapping into your creative juices, then I would suggest three things: ​

  1. Meditate
  2. Think about you're doing when time stands still
  3. Google it. You will surely find some things to suit your fancy​


If you are only writing to get published, painting only to sell your art, making music only to land a recording deal, etc., you most likely will fizzle out. If it's a means to an end, you will cash out when you can. Think about it this way . . . What would you still be doing if you were independently wealthy? If you would still do what you do, then you ARE doing it for you and no one else. 



Look, I'm big on doing what you love for a living. It's just that not everything that you may love to do has a great history of being a profitable venture, at least not right away. It's not that it can't (and if you apply my principles of manifesting and clearing your negative programming you will have  much much higher chance) but you may need to do other things to bring in some cashola while you continue to do your thing.

Liz makes a great point in her book of not putting stress on your creative pursuit to support you financially. I see what she means. She kept her full time job after publishing several books and didn't leave it until Eat Pray Love became a huge hit. It was only then that she became a full time writer.

You may not like your job but leaving it without another means of support just trades one stress for another

And my cousin, Ed Bolkovac (whom we have always called Butchy) pursued his passion of music and DID make a living out of it. I always admired him for it. He has traveled the world with it, got his Ph.D. from Stanford and is now a professor at the University of Hartford and continues to lead choirs and orchestras. He still didn't advise my son to pursue music as a career. Interesting, huh? He said that there are aspects of his career that he doesn't like (paperwork, politics) and that there are other ways to make a living and still play music. 



Do it because you love to do it and if someone is helped by resonating with your message and it inspires them and "helps" them, cool but it shouldn't be the driver. This one really made me think because I was just getting ready to write a book that was a combo of "how to/self-help/clear your programming" book and then I read this.

Liz didn't journal her trip through ItalyIndia and Bali to "help" anyone. She did it because she loved chronically her travels and it helped HER heal. Just so happened that 12 million other people resonated with it and now there are Eat Pray Love retreats which I would love to do! So I am going to write a book the way I like to - with lots of stories and I'm going to do it for ME  . . . And I'll still write the other book too but I know which one will truly be a creative endeavor and enjoyable for me. 



How many times have you heard this? We all need to become the "Disciplined Half-Ass" as Liz lovingly calls herself. It's not that she doesn't try to do her best but at some point, you just have to let it go. It is usually the perfectionist that struggles with this no matter what it is. I have come a long way in releasing my "vow to be perfect" and I am so much more productive because of it!



I think we take life waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too seriously. Life is short. I lost a dear friend and a brother in law this week, both waaaaaaayyyyyyy too young to go. If you aren't having fun in life, then you need to stop reading RIGHT NOW and go play!

  • Go jump in some mud puddles
  • Sing in the rain
  • Dance in your living room
  • Go shopping
  • Call a friend who makes you laugh

~If you have a passion that is fun and creative, find time to do it NOW~

Most are striving to get to a point where they can relax and enjoy life. NEWS FLASH - you need to enjoy it NOW! You just never know when you will be called home.

If you would like to discuss how you can start to add some creativity to your life, give me a holla! You can schedule some time to chat HERE



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