15 Wealth and Success Tips for Young Professionals

September 4, 2014

I recently spoke at a leadership conference that one of the local accounting firms was conducting for some college students that they wooing for potential hire.  I spent many years in public accounting and I always love to go back and speak to new hires or students about the profession and the way to success in any career they choose.  My “15 Tips” turned out to be a favorite part of the presentation so I wanted to share them.  I am thinking that these might make the basis for a book or course so stay tuned!

  1. Do what is asked and with a smile

When you are just starting out in a career or job, nothing will ingratiate you more to your senior colleagues than doing whatever they ask you to do and doing it with a great attitude.  Don’t act like a particular task is beneath you because when you are new, nothing really is.  You will soon realize that most tasks on the job are not rocket science and you won’t use your degree all that much in many cases.  Better yet, offer to help someone else whether it is a peer or your manager or supervisor.  That will really go a long way!

  1. Your attitude and happiness matter more than you realize

Being happy and having a positive attitude will not only make you someone with whom others want to work but they matter to your long term success as well.  When you are happy and positive, you resonate at a higher frequency, and this allows you to more easily attract what you want in life.  The basic premise of The Law of Attraction is that like attracts like.

  1. Work on your interpersonal and communication skills as much as your technical skills

I can’t stress this one enough.  Even if you are in a technical field, your success and ability to be promoted will still most likely come down to your non-technical skills.  These include your communication skills, both verbal and written, your interpersonal skills, your ability to work as a team, etc.  And remember that the older folks in the work place aren’t as used to technology and the way that it has replaced old fashion communication.  Learn to do it the old fashion way too.  Your next promotion may be decided by someone who learned to talk before she could text.

  1. If you start dreading going to work or your business, time to think about a change

If it becomes a burden to get up in the morning, think about making some type of change, be it your job, career, or attitude.  Many times, it’s not the job itself that you dislike but the environment, people, etc.  Maybe you can be the change that is needed by a shift in your attitude.  Don’t discount the impact that you can have on the environment.  Many times, however, you will just need to move to another position to create the change you seek.

  1. Don’t be constricted with just being in a job.  Starting a business is always an option

Many of you are conditioned to look for jobs and be employees because that is what your parents did and that is what they encourage you to do.  Many times, that is a great place to start but don’t forget that owning a business is a great option.  With technology, the ability to start an online business is an option for many.  I have owned a franchise with an internet marketing company for the last 12 years and can’t tell you the power and leverage of the internet.

  1. Realize that you are where you are supposed to be

If you appreciate where you are and believe that your current situation is full of life lessons and opportunities for your growth, you will stay in a higher energy and it will greatly benefit you and will help you attract what you want.  We humans don’t progress and grow until we are good and ready so there is a good chance that your current situation is what you can handle right now and nothing more.

  1. The key to career success and wealth is finding something that you love to do as early as possible

When you discover or find a position that you love, you are never at “work.”  This will extrapolate into you working harder since it will never be drudgery and you will want to do it.  Try to find something, even if only part of your job or career, that you would do even if you weren’t paid for it.

  1. Don’t chase money

Don’t pursue a long term career or venture solely for money.  You may need to work for money to temporarily fill a need financially, but in the long run, money alone won’t satisfy you and make you happy.

  1. Live in alignment with who you really are

Stay true to yourself.  This gets easier with age but the sooner that you can do this, the better.  Your intuition is a great guide as to whether something is right for you.  Learn to develop and trust your intuitive ability.  It will never steer you wrong.

  1. Start saving as early as possible

Compounding and tax deferral are your two biggest financial friends.  Start to save and utilize both of them as soon as you can.  You do not have to make a fortune to build one; You just need to be consistent.  Have your savings deducted from your pay into a 401(k) and other non-retirement investments and you will be amazed at how much you can accumulate.  Paying yourself first is always a good motto!

  1. Your career is a piece of your life.  Don’t let it consume and distract you from other important things

You’ve all heard, “no one ever said that he wished that he had worked more on his death bed.”  That’s because it’s true.  Having an inspiring career and life’s work is an important aspect of life but don’t pursue it to the neglect of your relationships and health.

  1. There are times in life when you will be out of balance.  It’s OK.

As Ketut says to Liz (Julia Roberts) in the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, “To be out of balance in love is to be in balance in life.  There are times in life when you will be out of balance, for example, when you are in school or raising a family.  It’s ok as long as you don’t sacrifice your health and happiness and appreciate that time in your life for the gifts it provides.

  1. Your body will give you great clues about what is and isn’t working in your life

Your body is constantly giving you clues as to which direction to take.  I remember once when I was considering staying in a job that I had grown to extremely dislike (ok, hate) and I had the choice to return to it or leave.  I was getting a sick feeling in my gut every time that I thought of staying.  I decided to leave and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I no sooner had declined to return when another much better and flexible opportunity arose.  

  1. Pay attention to your environment.  

In Jack Canfield’s, The Success Principles, he recommends staying away from the “Ain’t it awful” club.  Avoid negative people and understand the Law of Association.  Who and what you surround yourself with matters.  Your environment includes your body, mental, and physical environment.  If you are not healthy, you will not function well.  If your mental environment, e.g., how you talk to yourself, what you watch on television, and what you listen to, is negative or destructive, it will negatively impact you.  And clutter and the environment in which you live and work can also negatively impact you.  Those kegs in the fraternity house and smell of beer may not matter much in your college years but not work for you so well once you decide to become a productive part of society.

  1. You have the power to create the life of your dreams 

The vision that you hold for your life is probably the biggest determining factor of what your life will be in the future.  Are you envisioning yourself financially secure and doing what you love?  Or are you constantly worried about not having enough and living in fear?  I used to hold a vision of myself working from home, doing something that I loved while having lots of time for my kids.  Guess what?  That is exactly what manifested.  Work hard to not play the victim and blame circumstances for where you are in life.  Where you are is the cumulative result of the choices that you have made.  The good news is that you can always make different and better choices.  Do not let your past dictate your future.

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